Victorious | Nyabol’s Story

In December 2013, violence broke out in South Sudan. This young country had gained independence only a few short years before. During the three and a half years since, 3.9 million South Sudanese have been forced from their homes due to violence, with over 1.9 million having fled to other countries.

Today, 16 June, is the International Day of the African Child.

This year’s theme focuses on accelerating protection, empowerment and equal opportunities for children in Africa. Millions of children across Africa are displaced and living outside of their homes, often at higher risk of violence, hunger, exploitation and early marriage.


Nyabol* is one of these displaced children. She is a refugee. When the violence came to their area, she was separated from her parents. Nyabol crossed into Kenya with her older sister, Mary, to find safety. They have found refuge in Kakuma, a refugee settlement hosting 200,000 people, 85,000 of which are South Sudanese refugees. While Nyabol and her family receive food rations each month, it is usually not enough to feed all of them and she often goes to bed hungry.


Nyabol can’t imagine a world without hunger, she has never experienced a life without seeing it around her. In spite of this, Nyabol is vivacious and full of life. She is in school, working hard towards a brighter future. It may seem impossible, but we believe in a hungerfree world, where all children, like Nyabol, are safe from harm and hunger. One where she is victorious.

Here is her story.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.

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