Celebrate Food with us

World Food Day is October 16. But why celebrate food just one day of the year?

Food is wonderful. It engages all our senses. It brings people together. It sustains us and comforts us. It’s the center of many of our celebrations. Many of us show our love through the food we cook and feel loved when someone cooks us our favourite meal.

Unfortunately, 795 million people – 1 out of every 9 people worldwide – do not have enough to eat.

We can change this. We believe a hungerfree world is possible – where everyone has enough food for today and for tomorrow.

So this October to celebrate food we are asking you to join a movement to create a hungerfree world.

It’s simple. Here’s how:

  1. SHARE A MEAL with someone in your community, whether at home, at a big dinner party or at a restaurant. Make that meal more meaningful by donating the cost or part of the cost of the meal to help create a hungerfree world with World Vision.
  2. EDUCATE YOURSELF by following us throughout October. Blogs, food facts, inspiring tidbits will be coming through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all month long, so get informed and share with others!
  3. DONATE to World Vision’s work, ensuring everyone has the right food for today and enough food for a lifetime. Click on your country to contribute to World Vision’s work: Australia | Canada | Germany | Hong Kong | India | Kenya | Korea | Malaysia | New Zealand | Philippines | Switzerland | Taiwan | United Kingdom |  United States

Psst…. Are you a Food Blogger? Celebrate food with us! This October share your favourite recipe using the hashtag #hungerfree then tag a friend to do the same. Learn more here!

now what?

Invite others to join you all month long. Here are some things you can do... and resources to get you started!

Join HungerFree