22 Million at Risk of Famine in East Africa

22 million people are at risk of famine in East Africa. World Vision has declared an emergency of the highest level in Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Famine has already been declared in parts of South Sudan.

The declaration of a famine is serious and grave. This particular complex hunger crisis is driven by drought and conflict and has left more than 3.5 million children facing severe malnutrition.

Every morning, SaÓd burns his dead goats. After having walked for more than 100 km, he still has difficulty finding enough water and food for his livestock.

This crisis is claiming more lives each day. If the global reaction is slow, hundreds of thousands will die over the next 6 months. We have a very short window to prevent more famines and save lives.

Here is what you need to know now:

  • Crops in East Africa have been depleted by drought, aggravated by the El Nino weather phenomenon that ended last year and poor, erratic rainfall in recent months.
  • The price of food staples have reached a record high making it hard for many to access food.
  • There has been a significant loss of livestock  because of lack of pasture and water.
  • 22 million people need direct food assistance, including 8.8 million children who are out of school due to the crisis and more than 3.3 million refugees who are especially vulnerable.

As people set out and leave their homes in search of food and water, millions of children have abandoned schools. They risk being separated from families and exposed to harm and violence. Our aim, as part of World Vision is to help children survive, thrive and return to school.

Emergency nutrition needs in Somalia World Vision is appealing for US$18.5 million in emergency funding to assist 530,000 of the most vulnerable people across Somalia with targeted food security, emergency health & nutrition, livelihoods, protection, shelter and Water Sanitation and Health programs.

International aid is urgently needed before the window of opportunity to help closes. In the state of our work, this crisis is not getting the attention it needs to make sure children and their families are protected from a looming famine.

World Vision is already on the ground and aims to reach 2.2 million people through life-saving assistance, such as emergency food, health care, clean water and more.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Stay informed and share what’s happening. Follow us on Twitter for the latest.
  • Pray for children and families being affected and the humanitarian workers on the frontline.
  • Give. Every dollar counts. You can donate to World Vision in Canada and in the US.

Emergency water trucking

While we audaciously believe that a hungerfree world is possible in our lifetime, we absolutely know that in this day and age no child should ever suffer from a famine.

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